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Updated Pygments

2012-05-16 (112) by Ton Kersten, tagged as blog, puppet, pygments, sysadm

I'm using Pygments for quite some time now and I just noticed there was a new version available (1.5). I installed that and I was wondering if there would be a lexer included for Puppet. Well, it wasn't, but a short Google action directed me to the Pygments lexer for the Puppet DSL.

Of course my old CentOS 5 system with Python 2.6 doesn't want to install this, so I hacked the Puppet lexer into Pygments.

Here's an example of the result:

class generic::ssh {
    $ssh_service       = hiera("ssh_service")
    $ssh_packages      = hiera("ssh_packages")
    $ssh_debug         = hiera("ssh_debug",         "undef")
    $permit_root_login = hiera("permit_root_login", "no")
    $ssh_users         = hiera_array("ssh_users",   "undef")
    $ssh_groups        = hiera_array("ssh_groups",  "undef")

    package { $ssh_packages:
        ensure => present,
        before => File["/etc/ssh/sshd_config"],

    file { "/etc/ssh/sshd_config":
        ensure  => present,
        content => template("generic/sshd_config.erb"),
        notify  => Service["${ssh_service}"],

    service { $ssh_service:
        ensure     => running,
        enable     => true,
        hasrestart => true,
        hasstatus  => true,

and an example of the Hiera Yaml file:


# SSH Settings
permit_root_login    : 'no'
ssh_service          :
                       - 'sshd'
ssh_users            :
                       - 'root'
                       - 'tonk'
ssh_groups           :
                       - 'wheel'
ssh_packages         :
                       - 'openssh'
                       - 'openssh-clients'
                       - 'openssh-server'

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