Groesbeek, view of the 'National Liberation Museum 1944-1945' in Groesbeek. © Ton Kersten
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Archive for April 2009

That bloody Shift-Backspace

2009-04-24 (16) by Ton Kersten, tagged as old

On my laptop I'm running Ubuntu Linux 8.04 with XFCE 4.6 and it works great. But (Isn't there always a 'but'?) every once in a while I killed my Xsession with some type of key combination. The standard combination for this is Ctrl-Alt-Backspace so I switched that off in the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf'. I added theServerFlags` section, like this.

Section "ServerFlags"
    Option "DontZap"    "on"

After restarting I tried the dreadful Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and I thought that 'Bob's your uncle'.

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Hilbert's paradox of the Grand Hotel

2009-04-22 (15) by Ton Kersten, tagged as old

Last week I saw a documentary about the German mathematician David Hilbert. This very interesting documentary had some nice mathematical problems that seem impossible to solve, but when thought through there always was a little loophole.

A very nice one is The paradox of the Grand Hotel

If you are a bit into maths, this really is stuff to read.

The prove of The Last Theorem of Fermat is my next goal... Smiley

Patches for IceWM online

2009-04-15 (14) by Ton Kersten, tagged as old

I've been using IceWM on and off for many years now. And because we used it in our UNIX/Linux education environment I did create some patches for IceWM. Some of these patches are now part of the mainstream version and (of course) some are not.

My patch files can be found here.

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W3C Compliant

2009-04-14 (13) by Ton Kersten, tagged as blog

I did take a lot of care to make this site W3C compliant, but a little bug entered the code. This spoiled it and W3C give me 48 errors. Of course that's too much. A little debugging session showed the problem and now I'm W3C again.

Have a look at the W3C Validation Service

Markdown patched

2009-04-14 (12) by Ton Kersten, tagged as blog

As you might know, this site is created with Nanoblogger and Markdown. This setup works nice and almost completely as I want it.

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Nanoblogger code plugin

2009-04-10 (11) by Ton Kersten, tagged as blog

Miek pointed me to a nice plugin for Nanoblogger called the Code Plugin

Some nice examples:

#include <stdio.h>

int main( int argc, char* argv[] )
    /* A Hello world example */
    (void) printf( "Hello, World!\n" );

    return 0;



# A Hello world example
echo "Hello world"

If you want to cut and paste code examples, just go into vi and give it a

:%s/^[0-9]* //

Editing files and posting to git

2009-04-09 (10) by Ton Kersten, tagged as old

A couple of days ago I posted that I was converting to git. Well, that was not the completely truth. I already had switched to git.

But what I didn't like was the fact that git doesn't support keyword-expansion and therefore there's no way of knowing what version of the file you are editing. I do like this in CVS and SVN, so I implemented it in a script called vigit.

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Version control with git

2009-04-08 (9) by Ton Kersten, tagged as old

Some time ago I decided it was time to change from subversion to git for my version control system. The advantages where obvious. git is distributed and so I can code on my laptop without being connected to my home server. When I do get home I just sync the repositories and everything's OK.

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MySQL Backup

2009-04-06 (8) by Ton Kersten, tagged as old

When using a MySQL database, it's often very useful to create backups of the databases. This can be done with the MySQL dump command, but this does not allow for separate week, month and year backups. On the web I found the tool automysqlbackup and that did almost what I wanted. I changed it a lot and my version can be found here or here.

The Header Script

2009-04-02 (7) by Ton Kersten, tagged as old

In my daily working routine I do create a lot of shell scripts, LaTeX source and whatever. I always try to keep things simple and consistent. This not always being easy, so I wrote a Perl program that generates a standard template for a lot of standard code. This could be e.g. Bash shell, Perl, RPM spec file, LaTeX source, C source, etc.

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